The sun never sets on the ability of the Whisperers to help you listen to yourself, ignite your talent, meet your challenges and reach your goals.

The Whisperers is a network of professional business coaches, facilitators and mentors distributed around the planet.
Each of us is an independent practitioner serving the needs of multinational organisations, large and small businesses and individuals. We work with pace-setters, from the young pioneer to the seasoned director.

Our diversity enables us to tailor our coaching, facilitating and mentoring programmes to the specific needs of the clients and we each have our distinct approach and style.
We are united in our diversity and multiculturalism, and acknowledge the uniqueness of each client and their particular requirements.

With the Whisperers, you benefit from the dynamics and synergy of multiple languages and cultures.

To contact a Whisperer for your needs in business or career related coaching, mentoring and facilitation, click on a picture below:

Evelyne Barret – Esnault
Change Whisperer

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Patrice Lasserre
Board Whisperer®
South Africa

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Michelle He

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Helen Latimer
Helen Latimer Coaching

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Sally Bendersky

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Phillip Collins
Action and Theory
United Kingdom

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J.K. Chua

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Lisa Wood
Positioned for Choice

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